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The Financial Benefits of Using Spa Products with Bleached Cotton

If you keep your eyes on this space, you know we like to applaud bleached cotton's virtues, especially when it comes to professional spa and salon products. No other fiber offers the same kind of versatility, environmental friendliness, and consumer-approved status. However, cotton has a sneaky hidden advantage, too: it offers some financial benefits that you might not have thought of before.

A Durable Fiber Leads to Longer Lasting Products

Supplies comprised of bleached cotton are stronger and more durable. (In fact, if you want to learn a ton about cotton, ranging from fiber strength to purification, then here's the page for you.) While most supplies are single-use, that still equates to long-term savings since you're using less of your product stash over time. For example, when using an inferior cotton wipe—one that probably doesn't possess 100% cotton—you end up using more per treatment. Less waste over time means you're spending less money over time. That's a win-win.

Superior Products Lead to Faster Service

Much like with bleached cotton contributing to your supplies lasting longer, the flip side of that coin is that your services are more expedient. That doesn't necessarily mean you're rushing through your treatments, but it does mean you're not continuously fumbling for extra inferior products to complete them. With bleached cotton products, you're often one and done. Like your supplies, minutes add up. The more minutes you save, the more clients you're seeing over time.

Inferior Products Lead to Disgruntled Employees

It doesn't really matter what the job is. You need the right tools to be successful. Much like with outdated technology, when a spa owner insists on using inferior spa supplies, it doesn't allow their staff to do their jobs effectively. Uninspired employees—or worse, employee turnover—definitely affects a spa's bottom line. The way to avoid this is to always put first-rate tools in esthetician's hands. That means giving them bleached cotton single-use supplies.

An Obvious Client Connection

Of course, happy spa employees will also lead to happy spa clients. But beyond that personal one-on-one connection, the use of bleached cotton itself serves as a financial factor. Clients know when a business is taking the cheaper road because it affects the experience. With bleached cotton's outstanding record of softness, safety, and comfort, it ensures first-rate service, which encourages repeat customers. You don't need a CPA to know what repeat business means for your bottom line.

Bleached Cotton's Hidden Advantage

You probably already knew that bleached cotton supplies offered spa professionals many advantages. Hopefully the potential financial gains outlined here only strengthens the fiber's standing in your spa. As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. While some products come with a premium, you simply can't afford not to use them for the sake of your business. For spa and salon owners, the premium products tend to be made of bleached cotton.

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