Coffee in the morning is a necessity, but did you know it can also be a necessity for the skin?

The same qualities that give coffee its AM kick are also beneficial for skin, so when we came across this simple beauty mask in our arsenal of recipes, we had to share it with you! This is definitely one way to enjoy coffee without the jitters.

Be sure to try Intrinsics Precut Gauze Facial Mask with this beauty recipe! Because of its design, the mask allows treatments to penetrate skin while making clean-up quick, easy, and crumble-free. Its extra-long design allows the facial mask to cover the face and neck so treatments can reach the delicate neck region.

Here's one esthetician's take on how she uses our gauze facial mask.

"I love the gauze facial mask! It's a must when working with any type of hardening mask because you can lift the mask off in one piece without it sticking to your client's skin. One thing I really love is that it doesn't absorb any of the product, which means the skin gets all the benefits and the client is left with super hydrated skin."

Jennifer H., Virginia

And just like you pick your coffee, pay attention to the grounds that you use for your face. Stronger coffee beans might be too much to handle when drinking, but your face might like the extra jolt of caffeine.

Let us know if you try our recipe by tagging us on Instagram! Cheers to caffeine!



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