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Calling All Entries: You Can Create The Next Great Intrinsics Product

At Intrinsics, we love the saying “Innovation breeds success.” We’re also fans of the axiom “The customer is always right.” So in honor of our New Product Contest and these two fundamental truths, we’ve created a fantastic hybrid: “Since our customers are always right, then they can breed successful innovation, too.”

Hopefully you can see where all of this is heading: we want you, our customers, to submit your legitimate ideas for what will be the next great Intrinsics product to complement our current line. Since you’re the ones using our products day in and day out, we know you might have some ideas we haven’t even thought of yet.

Of course, every contest needs a few ground rules.

Here are ours:

  • Your new product submission must fall in one of four professional spa and salon care categories: Hair, Nails, Waxing, or Skin Care.
  • Your entry suggestion should be for a single-use cotton product.
  • The product suggestion can’t be a “copycat” product from another competitor.
  • All entries must be submitted on the official New Product Contest page, which you can find here. For example, any suggestions that are emailed to us or placed in the comments section below will not be recorded.
  • Entries can be submitted from now until Wednesday, April 30th.

That’s a pretty simple list of rules there, so you shouldn’t feel hamstrung at all when you start your brainstorming sessions for the next indispensable spa and salon product. Really, your inspiration should come from that key moment when you think: “Why don’t they make that already? It would really make my job much easier.” We know that happens, and beyond the fact that we know you have creative ideas, we’d also love, together, to fill any gaps you feel might exist.

If you need any further inspiration, there’s always our product catalog. Take a gander there and maybe you’ll have your “A-ha!” moment. The contest winner will receive a $500 American Express gift card, $250 worth of Intrinsics’ products, and a feature on this here blog. Yes, you read that right. It’s a pretty decent haul. And other solid ideas will be rewarded, too. For any legitimate ideas that compliment our product line, we'll send you a free kit of your choosing (but supplies are limited, so submit ideas early and often).

So get to work on bringing a light bulb of genius above your head. We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Topics:   Catch all, spa and salon supplies, Announcements, Our Products, contest, new product