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Another Rousing Success: Premiere Orlando

As you already know, we returned to Premiere Orlando this year, where we held court for two days on the exhibit floor. We (wo)manned booth #2200 with our crack Intrinsics team of Lea Ann, Stacy, Kristi, and Jessica. We always have a good showing, and more importantly, we always learn a lot.

Flying Off the Booth Shelf

What do Nail Tech’s Choice, Petite Cotton 12-Ply Gauze, 24-count Compressed Sponges, and Petite Silken Wipes have in common? Sure, they’re premium spa and salon products. But all of them also sold out in the first day of the show. Estheticians and cosmetologists—as well as hair and nail professionals and massage therapists—simply gobbled them all right up.

Burlap Bags: Causing a Stir

Our new burlap gift bags were definitely a huge hit, too. People were making purchases just for the bag, and it definitely caused a serious swarm at our booth when we started handing those bad boys out. In fact, when the time had come to pack up our booth, we had sold out of almost everything. It always feels good to be wanted. That’s why we love Premiere.

What Were the Takeaways?

We also love shows like Premiere because they present the perfect opportunity to receive feedback from the spa and salon professionals that use our products. Premiere Orlando was no different. Having conversations doesn’t just give us a chance to see which products are loved most, but they also allow us to find out why.

Here was some specific and valuable feedback we received:

  • Customers continue to love Pillowettes™, specifically because they are lint-free.
  • 72-count and 25-count Cleansing Towels were a huge hit, and sold out completely. What was interesting was that a majority of customers told us they use this product on themselves versus in the spa!
  • Gauze has become a fan favorite for chemical peels and dermabrasion since they don’t soak up too much liquid; customers just fold them in half and apply the acid.
  • As far as future requests, many people wanted a nail wipe to clean the nail during gel services, and we also received some requests for headbands and wider table paper. We’re on it.

All in all, another Premiere show is in the books. We have a special thanks to everyone who stopped by, and we’ll see you again next time we head down to the Sunshine State.

Wondering where we’ll be next? Check out our Events Page to see where our next stop will be.

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