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Valentine’s Day: A Prime Marketing Opportunity for Spas

Valentine's Day presents an ideal marketing opportunity for professional spas. While there are plenty of businesses that look to capitalize on the most romantic day of the year, this one is tailor-made for the beauty industry. However, with the bulk of your clientele being female, when it comes to Valentine's Day, spas and salons are presented with a unique marketing paradox.

Who Are You Marketing To?

Obviously, the bulk of your email list and social media followers consist of women. So the paradox comes in getting in front of who is going to be buying their Valentine's Day gifts: their men. Don't overthink it. Putting out valuable content to your female customers gives them the ammo they need to drop the necessary subtle hints. Let's face it: guys need help. But you can't target them directly with your marketing efforts. So give your female clients a helping hand. Make it as easy as possible for them to do exactly what they want to do: give you more business.

What Kind of Content Works?

Running specials through e-blasts and social media campaigns is a great way to generate interest. That slight discount on services appeals to any gender. Specials can range from single treatments like pedicures or facials to offering a discount on a full spa day experience. In the spirit of the holiday, you can also offer couple's treatments; massages are a popular choice. But going back to that marketing paradox, don't be afraid to experiment with content, and be as creative as possible. For example, which subject line of an email might be most effective?

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Hoping for a Spa Visit this Valentine's Day? Then Forward This Email to Your Husband Immediately.

Though that's a subtle shift in approach, it goes back to the idea of helping your clients provide the perfect nudge—all while using a little humor in the process. (In case you were wondering, we think you should go with the second option.)

How Are You Marketing Inside Your Spa?

In the lead-up to Valentine's Day—or any holiday, really—you should also be raising awareness within your four walls, too. One easy way is to have a drawing for a Valentine's Day treatment. By placing a sign-up sheet or business card bowl at the check-out desk, you're raising awareness about the holiday, and growing your email list at the same time. If you can afford it, creating holiday collateral for clients to take home is another way of "making it easy" for information to be shared with better halves.

Be As Proactive with Your Marketing as Possible

Hopefully what you'll take away from this is that you can't sit back and hope that guys are going to figure it all out. Sure, there's a handful out there that will, but there are many others who won't. However, they desperately want a solution. Honestly, right now they're probably racking their brains. By being proactive and getting a little creative you ensure that your female clients get the Valentine's Day gifts they want—and that you see a bump in sales in the process.

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