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Our Surprising Top Secret To Choosing Quality Spa Products

Some things in life you just can't cheap out on. Buying a tall boy PBR might grant you hipster street cred, but it just doesn't taste all that great. An economical pair of heels might get you through one or two hot dates, but then when that heel snaps off a month later, you're right back at the discount shoe store. Car tires? That's never a place to save a little scratch, simply from a safety standpoint.

How to Create a Consummate Customer Experience

Knowing when (and why) to pay a premium is key. Yes, you've got that right: our top secret is that sometimes you have to pay more to get more, and it's no different with professional spa and salon products. Your clients are willing to pay more for a consummate customer experience, so you should be, too. But what creates that consummate customer experience in this case? We believe cotton is at the core.

Cotton's Built-In Benefit

Cotton is all natural. It's not a man-made or synthetic fiber. While this contributes to its superior safety record (which we'll discuss in just a sec), it also means it gives you—and your clients—that warm and fuzzy feeling for using a sustainable fiber solution. From processing to supply chain to renewability, cotton beats other fibers hands-down when it comes to environmental friendliness. So if you're already using cotton supplies, you're excused from hugging a tree today.

The Only Solution for Sensitive Skin

Cotton is customer-preferred in a variety of applications, and its track record of safety is a huge reason why. If cotton is trusted for adult incontinence, baby diapers, feminine care, and medical products, it's no wonder that most estheticians trust it for treatments. When it comes to serving clients with sensitive skin, cotton has the silky-smooth feel that not only works for applying or removing products, but the ideal level of absorbency, too. There's a reason our Pillowettes™ are so popular.

The Feel is the Real Deal

These more technical cotton traits are important, but at the end of the day, the feel of cotton is typically what rules the day. This is even more important when it comes to spas and salons, which offer truly tactile experiences. With their eyes closed during most treatments, your clients are far more aware about what touches their skin. A quality cotton product not only creates the most comfortable product that doesn’t irritate skin, but it will never shred or or leave lint behind, either.

Cotton is certainly the most natural, safe, and comfortable option when it comes to professional spa and salon supplies. Products that contain viscose rayon, or other fibers, simply can't compare. In the end, for cotton products you might have to open your wallet or reach into your purse for a little extra cash, but the long-term payoff for your business—and your clients—will be worth it.

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