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With Disposable Sponges, Spas and Salons Get What They Pay For

“You get what you pay for” is a proverb that applies to many businesses, across many industries. It’s no different for professional spas and salons. In fact, it could be argued that it’s more important for spas and salons to use premium products, simply from the standpoint that they’re offering a luxury service.

Don’t Go Cheap with Single-Use Products

While it’s easy to view single-use products as one-offs that quickly find their way into the trash bin, going cheap on these products does your clients a serious disservice. While we’ve covered this many times in respect to 100% cotton products, it applies to other products, too. Today we’ll discuss how using a topnotch cellulose sponge can add professional flair to a treatment.

What Makes for an Inferior Disposable Sponge?

What makes a disposable sponge inferior is also what makes a cotton wipe inferior. In treatments, many products are used for application or removal, so leaving behind residue is a huge no-no. Just as an inferior cotton wipe can leave behind lint, a sponge made from cheap raw material can separate and break apart, leaving behind a dust-like residue. When this happens, it also calls into question the overall durability and absorbability of the product.

What Makes for a Superior Disposable Sponge?

We believe our Non-Compressed Cellulose Sponge serves as an example of a premium sponge, one that checks off all of the important performance boxes. There are no issues with durability or absorbability with high-quality cellulose. These two performance traits are so crucial because estheticians use sponges for cleansing the face, removing make-up, or removing product during facials. Knowing that the sponges can get the job done—without leaving any pesky residue—means estheticians can trust them, and clients have an exceptional experience.

An Investment in Quality is an Investment in Your Clients

This post started off with a simple but universal saying: you get what you pay for. While your clients may purchase cheaper products for simple home use, those products have no place in your professional spa or salon. Disposable sponges serve as the latest example of quality over quantity, and using the best possible options can make a difference in your skin treatments. Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Just ask your clients. It’s their opinion that matters most.


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