For those wishing to make the most out of short summer months, burning the candle at both ends happens. This can lead to dark circles and puffiness around eyes, making you look tired. Not necessarily the summer glow you wanted, huh? Luckily the skin around your eye area can be refreshed using Intrinsics Pillowettes.

Intrinsics Pillowettes will be your best friend by summer’s end. Known for being incredibly soft, the Pillowettes are wonderful for the eye area. With a small slip-case for fingers, you have greater control over the cotton pad when removing eye-makeup or using them during procedures. Many estheticians enjoy using our Pillowettes to cleanse before and after microblading, but we recently heard of a trick we had to share.

Intrinsics Pillowettes

Placing cucumbers on your eyes is synonymous with a spa day, but the rind and seeds aren’t exactly luxurious. Simply insert a cucumber into a moist Pillowette to make the experience more comfortable for the client. You could even soak the Pillowette in cucumber juice for additional cooling relief. The ascorbic and caffeic acid in the cucumber will help reduce water retention in the eyes, eradicating that pesky puffiness.

So next time a client comes in complaining about their tired, don’t forget this neat trick! You and your client will love these little pillows for your eyes.


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