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Premier Recap

As many of our loyal readers already know, Premiere Orlando/Premiere DAYSPA® is a tradeshow for the professional beauty industry, one where licensed professionals connect with manufacturers and distributors of hair, nail, and skin care products. But maybe you didn't know that it's actually the largest beauty show in the United States. With over 650 classes offered and close to 800 exhibiting companies, the show is an annual resource for discovering all kinds of crazy new stuff, ranging from techniques to trends to products. That's why we love it so, so much, and why we're so, so excited to participate every year.

This Year's Premiere Highlights

In our annual trip last month we spoke with over 300-plus customers in the industry, and left with our heads spinning over all the new folks we met while we were there. Here are our top three show highlights:

1. We sold out of our Nail Tech's Choice, Toe Rope, and X'Tra Thick Cotton Pads in the first day of the show. We learned two things from this: 1. People love those products and 2. We're kind of a big deal.

2. We were lucky enough to hold meetings with customers Le Belle and Spilo while we were there, which was wildly enjoyable. New friends are always fun. Le Belle owns some day spas in Georgia, while Spilo offers spa and salon products. Check 'em both out when and if you can.

3. Grace Pajotte-Green and family from Tep Arg Enterprises stopped by to see how the show was going, and to pick up a few supplies. They are a distributor from Trinidad. They are also great customers who know quality products when they seem them (which we obviously appreciate).

The Importance of Meeting End Users

We believe end user shows are critical for successfully manufacturing spa and salon products. If the customers aren't happy, estheticians and spa/salon owners aren't happy. If estheticians and spa/salon owners aren't happy, then distributors aren't happy. And if distributors aren't happy, well, you get the point. Shows like Premiere are a great way for us to reach our customers one-on-one and see what they like, need, and are looking for to make their businesses successful. We'll look forward to next year.

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