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November Promotions: As The Weather Turns

As the weather turns, and a chill greets us in the mornings and evenings, we start to reach for sweaters and jackets. Sure, come November your clients have far less skin showing. But their hair and their nails? They’ve got absolutely nowhere to hide. Your clients still need you. Desperately.

Of course, keep in mind the drop in temperature also sends many south on vacation, so you should still see a few lucky folks dropping by your professional spa or salon looking to get swimsuit-ready. That’s why for our November promotions we made sure to keep everyone covered with our Large Silken Wipes, Facial Caps, Expand-A-Coils, and Waxing Rolls.

In the meantime, we hope everyone enjoys Turkey Day, from the family meal to the football games to the Macy’s parade. And always remember: don’t ever let anyone ruin your Thanksgiving. Ever.

Topics:   cotton, spa and salon supplies, Promotions, fall specials