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3 Ways New Year’s Resolutions Can Boost Spa Sales All Winter

When the calendar turns, it's human nature for people to make new changes, and bold commitments. Consider gym memberships. They typically spike at the start of the year as folks tend to focus more on their figures. How does this relate to professional spas and salons? Well, New Year's resolutions can have an impact on your sales figures, too. "Turning over a new leaf" can lead your clients—old and new—to walk through your doors, even in the dead of winter, with the hopes of accomplishing one of the following:

#1: Having Healthier Skin

Much like a person vows to lose weight to look and feel better, skin is certainly another element of that beautification process. Keeping skin healthy with facial treatments is another path toward rejuvenation, and fighting the aging process. At the center of the treatment—as spa owners and their estheticians know—are the health benefits that come from removing dead skin cells through exfoliation, whether you're treating a client simply hoping for a more youthful appearance, or one dealing with unique skin conditions.

#2: Managing Stress and Anxiety Better

Facials come into play here as well; many women find them relaxing, and a great way to reward themselves. Other spa and salon treatments fall into this popular "I'm going to treat myself!" category: pedicures, manicures, and—of course—massages. The need to commit to these treatments at the start of the year can come from a variety of places. The start of the year is often a stressful period for many professionals since new goals and expectations have been set in the workplace. Other clients may simply vow to treat themselves more often as a way to cope with the anxieties of their jobs.

#3: Making a Dramatic Style Change

As we've been saying, the new year encourages big changes in many people. One of the biggest—and easiest—changes a woman can make to her appearance is a completely new hairstyle. Obviously, you and your estheticians are there to oblige. While this is one of the boldest ways for your clients to turn over that new leaf, it dovetails seamlessly with the commitment to beautification we've been discussing. And what do all of these resolutions have going for them? You don't have to go anywhere near a treadmill.

Did Your Clients Make Beauty Resolutions?

If your clients have come in for specific treatments based on resolutions, we'd love to hear what the most popular ones were. Feel free to share those here. More importantly for you, it's never too early to look ahead: based on your findings, you can cater your promotions and marketing efforts around those treatments around the end of the year when the holidays hit. If you didn't see an influx in January, prepping some specials around resolutions for people to snap up as Christmas gifts may be a great way to cause that bump in 2016.

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