Guess what time it is? That’s right. It’s time for winner, winner chicken dinner. Our November survey focused on our amazingly awesome Multi-Use Towels. They’re the best. Ask anybody. (Well, with our surveys, we kind of already handled that for you.)

This month’s winner hails from the sunny coast of California. Tamara, from MAX Treatment Center in Manhattan Beach, CA, was this month’s winner for our November drawing for a $100 American Express Gift Card. With the goal of fusing alternative health care into a spa environment, MAX Treatment Center sounds like our kind of place. Of course, the fact that it sits on the glorious coast of The Golden State doesn’t hurt, either.

Our Multi-Use Towels have a gazillion uses, especially when it comes to manicure services. And since they’re 100% lint-free and extremely absorbent, they are perfect for gels. Of course, focusing only on nails gives these towels short shrift; they can also be used as table towels, face cradle covers, or hair blotters.

So thanks again to Tamara for taking the time to fill out a survey for us. Knowing what you like—and don’t like—about our professional spa and salon supplies is always a big help. Do you want to be a winner, too? Of course you do. So next time you see one of our surveys come your way, be sure to jump all over it.

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