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Intrinsics Trend Report: A New Type of ‘Facial’

When researching the newest trends, we admit that we had a few moments of blushing and giggles when we stumbled upon the trend we will be discussing today. But all in all, the new trend of the “vagacial” is definitely one of our most interesting Trend Reports so far.

New Industry Trend

We first heard about the vagacial from our Sales Manager, Dave Albers, after his recent trip to the Salon Centric Leadership Conference. While Dave was passing out our beloved Gentle Cleansing Towel, he spoke with attendees about all the different ways they use this wonder-wipe, which lead to some conversations about the mysterious vagacial. 

What is a Vagacial?

The “vagacial”, also known as the “vagina facial”, is a series of spa treatments that were originally used to treat ingrown hairs, but has turned into an entire spa phenomena as of late! Will this trend be amongst the most popular in 2020? 


If you shave, wax or laser, you’re more likely to experience irritation, bumps, and even allergic reactions in that area. Therefore, leaving you prone to painful ingrown hairs. In addition to treating ingrowns, the vagacial is also used for hyperpigmentation and general care services like exfoliating and hydrating sessions. A normal vagacial goes through a facial-type process with services including cleansing, toning, exfoliating, steaming, masking, and moisturizing. 



Top Products for a Vagacial

What products would you expect to be used during a vagacial? Dave Albers fills us in on the top 3 products that could be used in this service and why your technician would be using them:

  1. Intrinsics Gentle Cleansing Towels because they are non-irritating, very gentle on sensitive skin, and leave no residue after using.
  2. Intrinsics Pillowettes because in addition to being very absorbent, they are soft and easy to maneuver because of their proprietary shape and design.
  3. Intrinsics Cotton-filled Gauze because if being both absorbent and gently exfoliating isn’t awesome enough, it leaves no lint behind! 


While this sounds like the perfect new trend, gynecologists and other health professionals urge salon-goers to use this service sparingly. Vagacials are absolutely a safe procedure to receive every-so-often, but the vagina works much differently than the face, and therefore should be treated differently. 


Would you try a vagacial? Let us know in the comment section or on social media! 

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