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Intrinsics Spa Spotlight: Skin Ethiks Concierge Skin & Lash Therapy

Located in Atlanta, GA, Skin Ethiks Concierge Skin & Lash Therapy is a fairly new salon, one owned by Khaleelah, who is the owner and esthetician. With a tagline of "Experience & Results Matter... That's the Skin Ethiks Difference," she obviously understands the importance of putting her clients first.

Khaleelah has a laundry list of qualifications. She's an Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics Graduate, as well as a member of the largest professional skin care association in the nation: the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP). She's also a Member of the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers/Distributors & Associations (NCEA), has been certified by the Association of Certified Dermatology Techs, and is a certified NaturaLash™ eyelash extension provider.

We could go on and on. Instead, we'll let her tell you a little bit about herself since she took the time to answer our five questions.

Tell us a little bit about the history of your spa.

Skin Ethiks Concierge Skin & Lash Therapy came into fruition in early 2014 after years of working in clinical dermatology and cosmetic surgery settings. During my 8+ years of working within those medical specialties, I've had the honor of working with a few of Atlanta and South Florida's top dermatologists and surgeons. During my time working within a medical setting, I noticed there was a significant lack of estheticians with knowledge and practical experience in treating skin of color, which motivated me to start Skin Ethiks Concierge Skin & Lash Therapy. Our overall mission is to provide clientele with quality, customized skin treatments and regimens to renew and maintain their beautiful skin—all with an "EthiKal" approach. I am excited to share my extensive skin care knowledge, and results-oriented treatments with new and existing clientele!

Do you have a particular Intrinsics product that you consider your favorite?

My favorite Intrinsics products are the Cotton Rounds, and Cotton Applicators. I love the cotton rounds because they simply do not fall apart! I love the cotton applicators because they are sturdy during chemical exfoliation (chemical peel) treatments, and have the right amount of "roughness" to give an adequate treatment.

How did you discover Intrinsics' products?

Intrinsics was first mentioned to me by my aesthetics instructor. When I became a business owner, SalonCentric became my go-to place for Intrinsics brand products.

Is there a reason why your business chooses to use Intrinsics' products over other brands?

I am a firm believer in delivering superior services to my clientele—meaning ALL of my treatments use quality products. Many of the other brands available to estheticians aren't of superior quality and tear as soon as you apply pressure—or even water! I never have that issue with Intrinsics.

What Intrinsics products do your customers appreciate most?

My clients love the organic green tea hydration mask that I customize with the cotton roll compresses. The cotton compress definitely helps the client retain moisture for ultimate hydration.

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