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Intrinsics Partner Spotlight: Marti Morenings

You know we could talk for days on end about our cotton supplies for spas and salons. But the only thing better than that is when a loyal partner is willing to do the talking for us.

For 31 years (which is obviously a long, long time) more than 30,000 spa professionals in 47 countries (again, that’s a lot) have trusted Universal Companies to be their single-source supplier, providing thousands of products to help them manage and grow their businesses.

Located in beautiful and historic Abingdon, Virginia, this time-tested company has distributed furniture, fixtures, equipment, implements, supplies, and spa apparel—basically, everything but the kitchen sink—to customers that range from large spas to independent practitioners. They also offer professional skin and body products, retail items, and merchandising tools, and even provide spas with innovative consulting.

Intrinsics is proud to be included in Universal’s product line-up. And we’re even more honored that Marti Morenings, founder of the company, was willing to answer the five questions we love asking the partners who use our products. We’ll let Marti take it from here:

How did you discover Intrinsics' products?

We saw the Intrinsics products at the first industry trade show when they initially launched the products. I was drawn to the high quality of the products and the clean look of the packaging, and knew immediately that this would be a product that our customers would want to buy.

Why did you decide to partner with Intrinsics?

Intrinsics has demonstrated throughout the years that they want to do more than just sell us products. They have always strived to build a long-term relationship that is based on partnership values... meaning that we look out for each other's interests to make sure that the relationship works, instead of just looking out for our own interests. The more we can do for each other, the more each of us gets in return and the stronger we both get.

What is it about the partnership that works?

One of the things that has set Universal Companies apart from other distributors is that we love to look for ways to help our customers operate their businesses, so we are constantly listening to what can simplify their lives, increase productivity and grow their bottom lines. This means that when we develop products to meet those needs, we need manufacturers willing to help make the investments to make these products. Intrinsics shares the same commitment to innovation and product development, and has worked with us to develop or improve many of these products based on our continued feedback.

What Intrinsics products do your customers appreciate most? 

There’s not really a way to pin that down to one, so unfortunately I’ll need to give you a list of their favorites:

  1. the Cotton Rounds
  2. Large Cotton Wipes
  3. Petite
  4. Large 12-Ply Gauze Pads
  5. 6” Applicators
  6. 3” Swabs

Do you have a particular Intrinsics product that you consider your favorite?

I personally love the Gentle Cleansing Towels. I use them every night to remove my make-up, even when I travel. I love the clean, natural smell and the eco-friendly ingredients are very effective without being harsh on my skin. Every esthetician's cabinet should have this product—it's a great way to keep from staining towels and minimizes laundry expenses.

Topics:   Spa, cotton, spa and salon supplies, Our Products, Salon, partners