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5 Ways to Use Intrinsics Cotton Roll®

Let’s talk about the Intrinsics Cotton Roll®.

It may just look like a roll of soft, white clouds, but there is so much more to it!

Cotton Rolls have an extensive history; did you know its original use was for wound care in the medical field? Prior to the 1980’s, this was the primary tool in every esthetician’s toolbox. Before products like the Intrinsics Cotton Wipe® and the X’tra Thick Cotton Pad®, estheticians everywhere used cotton rolls in all their services. In fact, some estheticians still prefer it because of its multi-uses. Talk about timeless! Here are some ways you can use this do-it-all product:


1. Custom Cut

One of the biggest benefits to the Intrinsics Cotton Roll is, well, it’s premium cotton in a conveniently-sized roll! And since it comes in a roll, it can be cut to fit whatever length is needed. That way you’re using just enough and producing minimal waste.


2.Fingers and Toes

So after you’ve cut the Cotton Roll to size, you’re ready to use it for just about anything--

including nail services! When removing nail polish, whether it be regular or gel, cotton is an essential part of that process. You’re going to need cotton to hold up to the challenge, and our Cotton Roll does just that. If that wasn’t enough, the Cotton Roll can also be cut into a strip to separate your client’s toes during the polishing stage of their pedicure.


3. 2 in 1

Oftentimes, two is better than one. And in the case of the Cotton Roll, this is completely true! Cotton can be used for both removal and application, which makes it a great tool for facials. Multifunctional means saving money, time, and space.


4. Protection is Priority

Here at Intrinsics, we’re all about maintaining healthy skin. The Cotton Roll is made of 100% hypoallergenic, medical-grade cotton, so it’s gentle on even the most sensitive of skin. This product can be used to protect your client’s skin from hair dye and perming solutions so that you’re able to provide them with the best, most comfortable service.


5. Maximum Absorption

Cotton is naturally hydrophilic, meaning it loves water. Whether you’re using our Cotton Roll for nails, hair, or skin, you can be assured that it will hold all of the product because cotton is stronger when wet. This equals minimal leakage and maximum durability.

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