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The Most Important Beauty Supplies for Spas

How do you determine the most important beauty supplies for your spa? If you are just starting out, the amount of supplies that you need for your new business is overwhelming. It's easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed trying to choose, and it's easy to overspend. This is something you don't want to do if you can help it. If you are stocking your new spa, you'll want to focus on just the things you need so you can open up and operate your business without putting yourself in a bunch of debt. Besides, you will realize as your business gets going which supplies you really need, what you don't need and how much.

As promised, here are the most important beauty supplies for spas:

What Services Are You Providing?

The most logical starting point is to determine which spa services you will offer. Massage? Pedicures? Facials? Once you know what you are offering, you can start building your list of needed supplies. Start with the essentials -- the items that you absolutely must have to operate. From there, you can expand your list to things that you would like to have, the extra items that are nice, but not essential.

Basic Spa Supplies

There are basics that any spa will need. For example, you'll need cleaning and sanitation supplies to ensure your spa is clean and safe. These items are non-negotiable, you have to have them.

Other supplies you'll need include spa towels and sheets, waxing strips, sponges, etc. These are regularly purchased beauty supplies for spas that you use each and every day. It's a good idea to create a checklist for supplies that you will need to purchase on a regular basis. Many of these supplies are one time use supplies that you will need to stock on a regular basis.

Another category to stock includes massage oils and lotions, facial scrubs and treatments, waxing supplies and any tools you'll need for pedicures, etc.

Extras that are still necessities include things like aromatherapy supplies, music, decor, etc.

Naturally, you'll need big-ticket items such as massage tables, spa chairs and washing stations, but these are one-time purchases that you will only repeat on occasion. Your supply checklist is for things that you will need to purchase on a regular basis. You can keep the checklist as a spreadsheet or form on your computer, or use an inventory system. This will help you when it comes to ordering more products.

Keep It Simple In The Beginning, But Don't Skimp

Take your time compiling your list, and know that your needs will shift as you go. Remember to be sure you always stock items that are needed for sanitation and clean-up, these are things you can't skimp on. Be sure to choose one-time use products that are high quality, because your clients will know if they aren't. If you have relationships with other spa owners or managers, ask for advice on purchasing important beauty supplies for spas. What are their suggestions? What mistakes did they make when setting up their spa? You'll learn by doing, but it helps to do your homework and be as prepared as possible.

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