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IECSC Recap: Always A Big Time In The Big Apple

Before we get too far into April we needed to discuss how much we always enjoy IECSC. And that’s not just because it’s in NYC. The folks in the Big Apple and surrounding areas always come prepared to have fun, as well as spend a ton. These customers come in on a mission, and they leave dragging their bags behind them. Really, that goodie bag is what a conference is all about, you know?

Actually, Our Goodie Bags Are Great

As usual, we were proud to stuff those goodie bags ourselves, presenting some of our top professional salon and spa products, including the new Pillowettes™ and Cleansing Towels, Large and Petite Silken and Cotton Wipes, Xtra Thick Cotton Pads, Compressed Sponges, Gauze Masks, Facial Caps, Waxing Strips/ Rolls, Cotton Rolls, and Toe Rope. Yeah, we know: that’s a lot. Now you can see why they were dragging those bags behind them. But keep in mind you can find all of those products right here, too.

We also offered visitors our Nail Kits, Skin Care Kits, and our Waxing Kits, while also handing out plenty of samples, including the 80-count Cotton Naturelles™. We gave these away with every purchase, as well as our standard issue Cotton Balls. We’re pleased to announce that many of the students who attended the show bought up the kits, all so they could test out more of our product offerings. (We like to start them young, you could say.)

A Special IECSC Shout-Out

While we would like to thank all our customers for stopping by to check in with us, we just have to give a special shout-out to Joye Foust, the owner of My Indulgence Day Spa in South Orange, NJ. Joye and co-owner Patrice Harrison provide their clients with high-end therapeutic manicures, pedicures, massages, facials, and waxing services, all in an upscale, relaxing, and professional environment. Joye and Patrice count on the high quality natural product solutions we offer.

We look forward to seeing everyone again for IECSC in March 2015. But if you missed out on our samples this year, and aren’t sure if you’ll make it next year, sample requests don’t have to made in person—and they can happen anytime of the year.

Topics:   Catch all, IECSC, spa and salon supplies, Announcements, tradeshow