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How to Increase Spa Sales on Administrative Professional Day

We recently discussed jumping on Employee Appreciation Day as a way to bundle services and increase your client base. This month, another similar opportunity presents itself in the form of Administrative Professional Day, which falls on Wednesday, April 22. This is yet another perfect opportunity to supplant traditional gifts from the boss with something admin professionals would prefer: spa and salon treatments. As always, your approach will determine success or failure.

Admin Professionals: A Desirable Demographic

First, let's discuss why this make sense simply based on the audience you're after. Admin Professionals are mostly women, which always represents the majority of a spa and salon's client base. As this 2013 Huffington Post article states, there's been very little shift gender-wise in these types of jobs over the last 50 years. According to the article, of the 4 million secretaries and admin assistants between 2006 and 2010, an astonishing 96% are women. That should be sufficient motivation for spa and salon owners to pursue them with these types of promotions.

Don't Target Them; Target Their Bosses

Much like with Employee Appreciation Day, company leadership often falls into stale celebration patterns. While the acknowledgement will always be nice, receiving a card, flowers, and candy each year probably gets a little old—even though most admin professionals would never admit that. Those that are lucky probably get taken to out to lunch. But what would an admin professional prefer? A burrito, or a massage? A bouquet, or a facial? Chocolate, or a manicure? We feel pretty confident in what they would choose. The key is convincing the gift-givers, which in this case is the upper and lower level management of local businesses.

To Create Local Relationships, Think Outside the Box

As we discussed in the March post, this marketing strategy starts with creating that relationship with local businesses. Getting your foot in the door might mean offering discounted treatments to entice bosses to buy them in lieu of the standard gifts, or creating gift baskets of your favorite spa or salon supplies. Bundling services to create an affordable spa day for admin professionals might be an effective approach that business leaders would jump on. But the key is placing your creative ideas in front of them. Many might be relieved that they don't have to think about a gift since you've provided a ready-made solution.

Become the Premier Beauty Services Provider in Your Community

Any time you can entice a new customer through your doors, you have the opportunity to retain them. That's the ultimate goal of any spa or salon. Partnering up with local businesses for these unique holiday promotions can establish you as the premier beauty services provider in your community, and give you the chance to impress these potential new clients. Better yet, if you approach new businesses each year, it can broaden your client base over time, ultimately increasing sales. Just offering holiday specials through e-blasts or over social media isn't enough. Promotions like these should be viewed as partnerships. So when you ask for new business, be sure to ask the local business leaders who can provide it.

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