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How to Find Intrinsics Products

While many of our longstanding customers know where to find our professional spa and salon supplies, it's come to our attention that many of our newer customers might not. Of course, you might have just stumbled across this blog post in cyberspace and this is the first time you're even hearing about us. No matter your Intrinsics exposure, today we'll touch on the simple ways to find our products.

Finding Intrinsics Starts with Our Amazing Distributors

While this is fairly obvious, the best place to start looking for our products is on our Find Our Products webpage. Here you'll find a full listing of our distribution partners. This includes brick-and-mortar stores, as well as online distributors. We've even included a trusty map so you can see if any stores are nearby. If not, most of the online distributors will ship within 24 hours for salon owners and estheticians who have a dire need.

What to Do if Your Distributor Doesn't Carry Intrinsics

If you run into this scenario, you need to follow two very simple but important steps:

1. Let your distributor know they should be carrying our products. You know, because they're the best.

2. Let us know through our customer service page that they don't carry our products. Then we can get in touch with them from our end.

With this two-pronged approach, we have a greater chance of ensuring that they'll carry our products in the future, which will make you, us, and them extremely happy.

What to Do If You Have a Question About a Product

Once again, use that handy email form on our customer service page to get in touch. We have no problem sending you samples. Seriously, we send samples out all the time. We love the thought of our cotton-based products landing in mailboxes across the country. Once most salon owners and estheticians have tried our products, they're hooked. So getting ahold of our products, no matter how much effort you have to put into it, is always worth it.

Selecting the Right Product

Ever wonder why we have different colors for our packaging? We worked with our customers to create packaging that simplifies choosing the right product for the right application. Here it is in a nutshell:

Purpose Color Fabric
Apply Pink Cotton Blend
Remove Green 100% Cotton
Exfoliate Blue Cotton Gauze

Download our brochure for reference!
Apply Remove Exfoliate

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