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How to Buy Beauty Supplies Wholesale

Purchasing wholesale beauty supplies has enormous benefits, regardless of your industry. For the small business owner, making the move from purchasing your supplies retail to wholesale is somewhat of a milestone. It can be overwhelming, though. This is especially true when you are making purchases online or through a sales rep that has come to your establishment.

Purchasing wholesale beauty supplies is a commitment because you are often purchasing greater quantities. Of course there are advantages to this, such as lower prices and time saved, but it is a little scary to commit to purchasing products in bulk, especially if you've never used the brand before.

Shopping retail allows you to buy in smaller quantities, and you often make your purchases in-store, which means you are able to physically hold and sample the products. For those in the beauty business, products are hugely important. You often find yourself purchasing the products you yourself use and are familiar with. If you are a hairstylist or a spa or salon owner, you tend to stick with the supplies and products you know are high-quality.

How To Shop For Wholesale Beauty Products

Your first step is to ensure that you have everything you need to be able to purchase products from a wholesale vendor. For salon and spa owners and managers, this isn't a problem. You must have a business license in order to purchase wholesale, and most vendors will ask for your business license and tax identification information. If you are just starting out in your salon business, you may not have these things yet. It's important that you make your business official. It is something you need to do anyway, so now is the time.

Searching Out Vendors

Finding vendors isn't always easy. Finding quality vendors is downright difficult at times. There are plenty of wholesale suppliers out there, so finding them isn't a problem, but you need to find vendors who have the products you need, in the quantity that you need and that offer you the quality that you need. This is where things often get overwhelming for people. Finding the right vendor may be time-consuming, but it's worth it to find products that offer quality, good prices and great service. It's also a good idea to choose more than one vendor as a backup in the event that your first choice vendor is out of something that you need.

You can search online, but another good way to start is to get referrals from people and businesses that you know. When searching online be sure to make sure they have a good reputation. Check reviews and references, as well as the Better Business Bureau. Trade shows are another great way to find wholesalers. They will have booths and you'll get an opportunity to sample products and learn about the company.

Determine Order Size

One of the things to remember when purchasing wholesale beauty supplies is that the more you buy, the deeper your discount. Purchasing in volume is a big commitment, but you can start smaller and work your way up. Your vendor may have minimum order requirements. If you aren't sure about a purchase, you can always ask for a sample before you buy. Go through your records to determine how much product you go through and use that as a guide to determine your order size.

Now, place your first order. Over time you'll build relationships with your chosen vendors. Once you get the hang of ordering beauty supplies wholesale, you'll never want to go back to buying retail again!


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