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How Spa Owners Can Showcase Their Product Knowledge

Most spa owners, along with their estheticians, have extensive product knowledge. The professional spa and salon products they use every day are a testament to this fact. However, do your clients know how deep that knowledge base really is? It's your job to ensure that they do. Being proactive in your approach can ensure that your clients appreciate your product expertise. It could also lead to more business; your clients that currently come for one kind of treatment will also gain a better understanding of the full breadth of your services.

Provide Take-Home Materials

Coming up with some marketing collateral is one simple way to ensure that your clients know about your product knowledge. These kind of materials can be focused in their approach, or more comprehensive. For example, you can create materials that are focused on one aspect of your business, or a larger piece that covers it all. These pieces can give an overview of services, as well as the brands you use to provide them. A surefire way to get these in clients' hands is to place them at check-out, and to have your receptionist diligently pass them to clients out on their way out the door.

Create a Spa or Salon Sample Book

This is a more unique way to showcase your knowledge, as well as the brands you choose to work with. While this will take a little more work to pull together on your own, it's something that can sit in your waiting area for your clients to review before their treatments. Think of it as your spa or salon's own product catalog. If you go this route, it's important to keep that sample book up-to-date. If you make changes to the product lines you choose to use, make sure you're updating the book as well.

Use Your Educated Estheticians

The old-fashioned way of relaying information is through conversation. And, of course, no one knows your clients' beauty needs as well as your estheticians do. Encouraging your employees to talk about products is a great way to educate your clients, and to gain their trust. Knowing what supplies your clients are currently using can lead to new recommendations—as well as sales for your spa or salon.

Be a Leader Online

We just discussed the old-fashioned way. Now let's discuss the newfangled one. Social media and blogging presents a great way for you to become a thought leader in your respective field. By providing beauty industry information, your product knowledge is bound to shine through. You can further engage with followers by holding contests and creating rewards programs that are centered around products as well.

Give Them All the 411 They'll Take

Like we always say, a successful spa starts with having qualified and well-trained employees. But next on the list is the supplies that they use. They can be the difference between a great spa experience and a terrible one. Your clients know this. That's why it's important to make sure that they feel like you have an extensive knowledge about the tools of your trade, and that you're staying on top of the latest innovations, too. Only by consciously proving your product knowledge can you convey this.

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