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Intrinsics Trend Report: Halloween Nail Trends

Hey ghoul-friend! Are your nails ready for Halloween?

All Hallow’s Eve is admittedly one of our favorite holidays because of the fun outfits and people showing off their unbelievable makeup skills! Another thing we really love about this fall holiday are the nails, so what better way to celebrate than to show off some top nail trends. 

Nifty and Neon

Your nails can totally work as your statement piece this Halloween. If you’re working a job where cat ears or a clown nose aren’t an option, nails can still be a great way to express yourself. 

The choice of neon nails can be a daring one, so you have to be ready to commit designs like these! 

Texture Me Up

As a kid, did you ever play that Halloween game where you had to guess a hidden item based on its texture? Well, these nails are sort of like that! What better way to say ‘Happy Halloween’ than with fun textures and designs. The great thing about these nails are that you can keep it as minimal or as decadent as you’d like. We choose these all-black stunners because they remind us of our favorite some of our favorite Halloween Queens, like Elvira and Morticia Addams. 


It’s Fall, Y’all 

October is the best time of year to pair two bold colors like orange and black together! Halloween colors are so versatile that you can do pretty much anything with them. So what are your favorite: Sparkles, stripes, or polkadots?


Spoooooky Scenes

Spiders, owls, and bare branches--oh my! Designs like these are a classy (but fun) way to show off your fabulous nails and your love for the holiday season. Creating imagery like this on longer-length nails works best, since it provides are larger canvas for more detailed design. 


Whether you’re trick-or-tricking or attending a costume party, we hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween! Did your nails look BOO-tiful this year? Share them with us on social

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