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Guest Blogger: Dani Lazaro, Makeup Artist

As much as I hate to give away my age (HELLO! Girl-Code No-No!), I will admit to having been a professional makeup artist for 20 years now. It's an incredible career for an artistic people person like myself. Since finishing makeup school in 1994, I have had the pleasure of watching the cosmetics market explode (be still, my glittery heart!) and technology moves so fast I have to stay educated in my craft to keep up.

The downside? Chemicals, chemicals, chemicals. Ugh. I was raised in a household of Earth-loving naturalists. What can I say? The lessons they taught me stuck. For each of the really amazing products that have flooded the shelves, so too have chemical-laden, irritant-causing brands that just won't do. I work with so many people that have sensitive skin, and it's very important to me to make sure I don't aggravate their delicate faces. I'm into beauty, not inflammation!

Oh, and there's one other teeny-tiny detail. I'm just a bit (or a LOT), obsessive about cleanliness. That too comes from my background. It works for me. In the course of one week alone, I might end up putting makeup on 20 faces. Keeping things clean and sterile is very important to me.

I love the Intrinsics products because I am always looking for single-use products that are free of chemicals. It's a struggle for any beauty specialist, as we generally buy in bulk, and often find ourselves limited to a selection of goods that, at best, are free of SOME harsh chemicals, but not all.

I have finally found a company whose products don't irritate. I love that the Intrinsics reps really believe in their products, and I have actually seen the reps using them personally, which gives me extra confidence.

On a personal note, I have a weird obsession with cleansing wipes, even though my boys are now teens, and I use them for everything. Seriously—I'll bet I could list at least 20 things. I've always disliked the odd after-feel on my skin from most of the commercial wipes sold at big box retailers. Naturally (no pun intended), I am beyond THRILLED that Intrinsics now offers cleansing wipes. They are my new favorite things.

Give Intrinsics a try—I am so glad that I did!

Dani Lazaro is a makeup artist with 20 years of experience. Hailing from a film and television family, she chose to follow in the family's footsteps and attended Joe Blasco School of Film and Television Makeup in Orlando, Florida. For 20 years she has been using her makeup skills on film, TV, and photo shoots, as well as for weddings, proms, fashion shows, and personal lessons. You can check out her work at

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