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Great Spas in North Carolina

Every now and then we'll look at a state and give you a quick list of spa options. Keep in mind that this list is entirely subjective; we'll look at ranking sites like, and any other local resources we can leverage. Obviously, if we've visited any of the spas personally that has a good chance of tipping the scale in that spa's favor.

Up First: North Carolina

We decided to start with our home state simply because we know it best. This list will be heavy on spots located in the Blue Ridge Mountains—which makes sense when you consider beautiful locales often contribute to a spa's appeal.

Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa

Built in Asheville way back in 1913, the Grove Park remains as popular as ever. One of the best spa experiences is swimming in the mineral pool, a pool that feels as though it exists beneath the earth in a long-lost cave forgotten by man (except for the relaxing music that plays). Asheville itself is also an attraction, especially for beer lovers. An abundance of breweries makes for a fun day trip. (You know: detox, retox.)

Westglow Resort and Spa

Another Blue Ridge beauty, Westglow offers a more intimate spa experience in Blowing Rock, NC. With its Life Enrichment Center, Westglow is a place you'll want to stay for longer than one day if possible. Along with the typical spa and salon treatments, they offer a variety of programs, from dietary help to yoga and aerobics. Note that Blowing Rock is a quaint little town, one that offers a multitude of dining and shopping options.

Old Edwards Inn and Spa

Tripadvisor has the Old Edwards Inn ranked as the top hotel in Highlands, NC—with good reason. If you're looking for luxury along the Blue Ridge, this is the choice. From the impeccable rooms to the topnotch treatments to the renowned café, this gem is perfect for a romantic getaway. Of course, with luxury comes a steep price tag. But like we always say, you get what you pay for. When you're ready to splurge, you probably won't regret doing so here.

The Spa at Pinehurst

Moving now from the NC mountains to the sandhills, The Spa at Pinehurst sits on one of the biggest golf resorts on earth. This is a family-friendly option with many amenities, ranging from a Kids Club to a cascade whirlpool. And if you have a man loathe to don a robe and slippers? Manipulatively use the championship golf courses as bait for your weekend escape. He can hack away on the greens while you get pampered in the spa.

Did we forget one of your NC favorites? Don't hesitate to let us know. As we mentioned from the start, we'd never be able to list all of the fabulous spas in this small little space. That's what the comments section is for.

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