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Four Skin Care Oils We Think You Should Be Using

One thing we've never talked about in this space is skin oils. When you think about it, that's kind of crazy since oils can be used across a wide range of spa and salon treatments, from hair care to nail care to skin care. However, today we're going to focus solely on skin care—sorry, we only have so much space. And really, once you start digging into natural oils the options are endless. Here are four we think spas and their customers should be using.

Argan Oil

This oil immediately brings to mind supermodel Josie Maran, who has a line of beauty products. Argan oil is at the heart of this line, and the 100% Pure Argan Oil grown organically in Morocco is arguably her most popular product. A lighter oil full of Vitamin E, its anti-aging properties leave your skin feeling refreshed, and looking younger. According to the product page on Sephora, argan oil can also be used to treat split ends and soften cuticles. Though it's not cheap, it can be used sparingly, so one bottle should last you a while.

Maracuja Oil

With its fatty acids and Vitamin C, maracuja oil has restorative power, especially if you suffer from dry skin. As an exceptional emollient, it's a perfect salve for itchiness or inflammation. This is a favorite because it offers superior hydration without feeling too greasy. These anti-inflammatory capabilities make it perfect for facial applications, as well as elsewhere on the body. Bonus fact: maracuja oil comes from the seeds of passion fruit. (This also explains its steep price tag.)

Tea Tree Oil

An oldie but a goodie, tea tree oil is extremely effective for treating acne. Simply by applying with a cotton ball you can avoid pesky blemishes. Like other oils, this one has a variety of uses; it's found in a lot of popular shampoos and conditioners for scalp health, and its natural anti-fungal properties allow it be utilized in conjunction with manis and pedis, too. Ultimately tea tree oil can assist you in your quest for a clear complexion, but it's a true multi-use oil, and one that's not as expensive, either.

Rosehip Oil

While rosehip oil also packs a serious Vitamin C punch, it also delivers a ton of Vitamin A (aka retinol). This helps restore skin cells, leaving your skin looking brighter and healthier. Known as a dryer oil, it seeps into the skin quickly without leaving behind any oily residue. Another anti-aging miracle-worker, rosehip oil can treat wrinkles as well as scars. Just to throw some star power at you, actress Rose Byrne is an evangelist—she claims it helps quell her rosacea.

Experiment to See What Works For You

Whether you're an esthetician using an oil on a client for the first time, or a consumer who's planning to make an online order, always remember to try a little first to see what kind of reaction your skin has to any new oil. Also—and yes, this is a shameless plug—our Silken Wipes are perfect for a variety of facial product applications, including all of these magnificent oils. To learn more about each one, click through the provided links above. There you'll find more info, and you can start down the insanely deep rabbit-hole of natural oil skin solutions.

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