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Intrinsics Beauty Recipe: Avo-coco Face Mask

A recipe so yummy you’ll want to eat!


Do you ever find a beauty recipe you’d love to try but can’t, because you don’t have the ingredients in the house? This Avocado Cocoa mask is the solution to that problem! On your next trip to the kitchen, grab four things: a small bowl, cocoa powder, honey, and an avocado. Let’s get to masking!


You’ll start by mashing a quarter of an avocado inside of a small bowl (use the rest of it for guacamole, obviously). Then, take one tbsp of cocoa powder and stir it in the avocado mush to make a paste. From there, you’ll add one tbsp of honey into the mixture and voila! You have the easiest face mask ever! To ensure best results, make sure your skin is clean (and dry) before applying the mask. After you’ve left it on for 10 minutes, remove it with warm water and an X’tra Thick Cotton Pad. Since the Intrinsics Cotton Pad becomes stronger when wet, you can use it like a washcloth without any worry about it falling apart. Your skin will thank you!


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