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Dry Hands, No More!

Old or young, north or south, dry hands are something that can affect everyone in the colder months. Though, that doesn’t mean you have to deal with it all winter long! Your hands are one of the most-exposed parts of your body because they come in contact with everything you do. And with COVID still prevalent, we are all washing our hands more, leading to more potential dryness. 


A Good Wash 

It’s always so important to wash your hands and cleaning them properly is actually not as hard as it seems. Using hot water or soaps with harsh chemicals can lead to dryness in the hands, so they should be avoided when possible. Always wash your hands with lukewarm water and soft antibacterial soap for optimal handwashing results! 


Exfoliating Extravaganza 

Regular, gentle exfoliation is the key to soft and healthy-looking hands. Exfoliation will prevent dead skin cells from building up (gross) and allow for the growth of new, glowing skin. Using a store bought exfoliant, or coffee grinds from the kitchen, will work as long as it is done in moderation and done gently. And, of course, we recommend the Intrinsics Cellulose Sponges for this step! 


Moisturizer Mandate

Moisturizing shouldn’t be reserved for only the face and neck; your hands need it too! And not just once in the morning and once at night; your hands should be moisturized during the day if possible. Using an oil-based moisturizer will ensure that your hands are moisturized softly and lightly and plus, they’ll smell amazing all day long. Your 2x2” Silken Wipes are perfectly travel-sized, too, so no need to worry about taking up room in your purse. 


Looking for the perfect DIY for at-home hand lotion? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our DIY Hand Lotion recipe: 

Glamour in Gloves 

This tip may seem like the easiest one: wear gloves! Gloves can protect your skin from virtually anything that may potentially damage it: cold wind, biting sleet, household chemicals and cleaning agents, etc. Gloves are also a great way to look super cute all winter long or even when you’re doing your Saturday morning cleaning-dancing routine in the kitchen. 


Do you have any special tips for keeping your protected during the winter? We’d love to hear them! 


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