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August Promotions: See Us Rollin’

We know. The dog days of summer are upon us all. You step out of the house and immediately begin to sweat, or even worse you climb into your car at the end of the day and feel like you might suffocate. While we can’t offer you relief from the heat—that’s what A/C, cocktails, and ice are for—we can certainly offer you our August promotions on spa and salon supplies. You know, because that’s how we roll.

And speaking of rolls, that’s a key promotion for us this month. We’re featuring our Roll Cotton, along with Professional Paks, Petite Silken Wipes, and Table Paper. It’s still bathing suit season, kids. So your (rhyme alert!) clients are reliant on you to keep them looking good, no matter how high the temperature goes, or which of your services they require: facial, nail, or skin care.

We hope you’re always keeping an eye out for our promotions. We promise to keep ‘em coming each and every month. And we’ll see you here next time— unless we see you rollin’ before then, of course.

Topics:   cotton, spa and salon supplies, Promotions, sumer specials