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Intrinsics Trend Report: Anti-Pollution Skincare

Unfortunately, we now have to take pollution into account when it comes to our skin routines; especially for those big-city dwellers. Enter beauty’s newest trend: anti-pollution skincare. 

According to HuffPost, research that suggests pollution can lead to things like inflammation and premature aging. Pollution can lead to skin discoloration, wrinkles, and other long term damaging effects. 


Anti-pollution skincare can be practiced at home and at your esthetician’s office in different ways. Applying an anti-pollution mask (hello, Vitamin C!) after washing your face or scheduling a specialty anti-pollution facial with a professional are great first steps in implementing new products into your routine. 

So what are some of the latest anti-pollution skincare products? What are some of their benefits? How do you use them? 

Masks and Serums

As we mentioned earlier, Vitamin C is an excellent source of nutrients for your skin because naturally-acidic properties accelerate healing and collagen production. You can often find this ingredient in serum form, which makes it a perfect topical application after washing your face. If you’re a person that prefers masks over serums, anti-pollution face masks are the perfect option for you! Most of these masks have hydrating properties, which helps your skin to look less dull-- a suspected side effect of pollution. 


If you’re curious about anti-pollution skincare and aren’t sure where to start, schedule a visit with your local esthetician to discuss which products and procedures are best for you. When it comes to professional-grade treatments, there are several specialty facials to choose from: 

Anti-oxidant facial

Detoxifying facial


Whether you decide to practice skincare with the help of a professional or solely at home by yourself, choosing products with anti-pollutant qualities will help improve your skin in the short term, as well as the long term. 

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