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Announcing A Special Pillowettes™ CosmoProf Promotion

If you know us here at Intrinsics, you know we love us some promotions. But this month, we have a special in-store promotion we’re running with our valued distributor, CosmoProf. Really, one of the only things we love more than promotions is some CosmoProf.


CosmoProf takes pride in providing the biggest selection of professional salon brands. Aside from that, they also offer topnotch services and education for this ever-expanding industry we’re all in. Honestly, we’re just proud to be partnered with them, and to be featured in their vaunted product line-up.

Now, let’s get to the goods: our world-famous Pillowettes™ will be featured in-store. We love them, you love them, your clients love them. Like we always say, they’re ridiculously soft little pillows for your face, so they’re impossible not to love. Our Gentle Cleansing Towels are also included, and every professional spa and salon owner—along with their estheticians—knows how versatile this product is.

While these products certainly aren’t new, the fact that they’re being offered in 25-count packs is. These handy little packets of products will have premium placement in CosmoProf stores, so look for their end-of-aisle displays. Oh, and lest we forget: for two months, these will run you only $4.99 each. We know. That’s a steal.

So the message here is go to your local CosmoProf store, early and often. Really, they’re everywhere. In fact, they have over 1,000 stores in North America. That means you just really don’t have an excuse not to. But if you need an extra incentive, we hope our $4.99 25-count packs of Gentle Cleansing Towels and Pillowettes™ do the trick.

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