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A Model Employee: Kristi du Plessis

Roughly nine years ago, Kristi du Plessis moved down from Lansing, MI to Charlotte, NC, where the official HQ of Barnhardt Cotton is located. For eight of those years she has worked for Intrinsics as the Graphic Artist and Marketing Manager. All that beautiful Intrinsics packaging, as well as our supply catalogs? Kristi designs it. We figured you might want to put a face with the talent.

Kristi handles the design for a variety of Intrinsics endeavors, such as our price guides, promotions, trade show booths, product samples, and ads. Really, she's the ultimate glue-girl. If we need something handled that requires even a modicum of creativity, then it's going to fall in Kristi's court. Needless to say, she always has a lot in her court.

Kristi also has one secret skill that will be revealed today: she often serves as the model for our skin care products. This means you've probably seen Kristi before, and never even knew it. Our guess is that she's probably not going to be terribly thrilled with us revealing this information, but we think her hidden talent, one that lives within our skin care product pages, should be lauded, not hidden. It also allows us to do things like this:


Honestly, that looks like a pretty good gig, right?

According to Kristi, her two favorite things about working for Intrinsics are the people she works with and the fact that there's never a dull moment in the beauty industry. Her favorite product? It's actually our newest: the heart-shaped compressed cellulose sponges. And yep, you guessed it—that's her again in the usage photo on the product page, totally getting pampered.

The last thing we asked Kristi was what her favorite trade show is. She was torn between Premiere Orlandoand IECSC in New York. Though she finds those shows different, she likes their similarities. At both she gets to see all of the new products coming out each year, and to meet our customers face-to-face. In fact, if you're heading to any of the trade shows we're attending this year, you might get to meet Kristi yourself—you never know.

Each quarter we'll highlight one of our Intrinsics teammates. If you're getting to know our products, you might as well get to know us, too.

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