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10 most popular salon supply stores + A Bonus Tip!

When you need to stock up on salon or spa supplies, what are your options? The answer is that it depends. There are plenty of brick and mortar supply stores all over the country that carry a variety of tools, supplies and products you may need for your spa or salon. Another option is an online store. Online stores are great when you want to stock up, and when you need a greater selection. But for things you may need right now, a salon supply store is the way to go.

It's important to find a couple of different suppliers that you trust. Find at least two stores with a physical location so if you need something right away you can just go pick it up. Find one or two trusted online sources for things like single-use supplies and other items that you stock up on. See if you can get bulk discounts and try to purchase products before you run out.

Here is a list of the top ten supply shops, both online and physical location. It is likely at least one of these is near you.

1. Sally Beauty Supply

This mainstay salon supply chain is a household name. You don't need to have a license to purchase products here, and they have a pretty good selection.

2. Cosmoprof

Another popular chain store that offers a myriad of products and supplies for your business.

3. SalonCentric

This professional beauty supply store has many locations and an extensive online catalog. This store that sells high-quality salon supplies of all types.

4. Sephora

While this isn't a salon supply store, per se, it is an amazing shop to purchase things like hair, makeup and nail supplies, as well as tools you may need.

5. Ulta Beauty

Like Sephora, Ulta isn't a wholesaler and may not have all the tools and supplies you need, but they do carry a large selection

6. One Source Beauty

Major online supplier of professional beauty supplies.

7. Beauty Plus Salon

Originating on the East Coast, this salon has a wide array of products and you can shop online.

8. Minerva Beauty

With a physical store in Georgia, this salon supply superstore is where you go to outfit your salon with furnishings and equipment.

9. Amazon

Amazon has a little bit of everything. While you may not want to use them for everything, they can be a good source of discounted supplies. If you are licensed, always check your discount before purchasing something from Amazon, as your professional discount may come out cheaper from an actual salon supply place.

10. Stores Like Walgreens, Etc.

In a pinch, you may find things you need at stores like Wal-Mart and Walgreens. These are places you can go for certain supplies that you may run out of. Some of these items may be cheaper at these stores than they would be in a salon supply store.


You can always find a store near you that carries Intrinsics products at our distributor locator.

Again, your best bet is to find a couple of shops that you know and trust and that carry products you need. Always make sure you purchase quality supplies from a reputable source.

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