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Our X’traordinary Cotton Pads And Bands

On the surface, cotton pads and bands probably sound pretty boring. But any esthetician worth his or her salt will tell you they’re invaluable, and that a professional spa and salon goes through them like wildfire. That’s because they’re so tough and versatile.

Our X’tra Thick Cotton Pads and Bands take that toughness and versatility to another level. The band is great to cut or tear to size, or for use with cleansers, toners, and acetone. The pad is a premium cotton product that has far superior quality compared to our competitors—it can be used wet or dry and is great for use as a disposable washcloth, or to cleanse the face. It can stretch out longer than a rap song, and it’s softer than a, well, you know.

As always, we prefer to let you hear from our customers instead of blathering on about our products ourselves. Susie Calo has a mobile business in the New York area called Sundries by Susie (go like her Facebook page—pretty please). Here’s what she said recently about our X'Tra Thick Cotton Pads:

“I used the X'Tra Thick Cotton Pad myself because of my sensitive skin. It's perfect for removing makeup without irritating my skin and my dermatologist recommended using something soft, so it's the ideal product. I use it as a washcloth and then I can toss it!"

So while we pretty much told you so, we figure you’d rather take Susie’s word for it than ours. Of course, the best way to find out about our products is by using them yourself. We make that pretty easy, either by giving you detailed distributor info or allowing you to request a sample.

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