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Intrinsics Beauty Recipe: Winter Foot-Mask

We hope this foot-mask recipe keeps your feet happy all winter long!

A recipe by Skyy Hadley, via Glamour

Cool as a Cucumber

Cucumber is good for you all-around. It can do wonders for your skin and it’s healthy to consume. Skin care you can eat? I’ll take it! Cucumbers are high in caffeic acid and vitamin C, which promotes anti-swelling and anti-aging.


When Life Gives You Lemons

Like cucumbers, lemons are high in vitamin C. Lemons are also packed with citric acid, which is thought to brighten skin after extended use. Not to mention they smell delightful!


Not Just For Pasta

You heard us right: a main ingredient to this winter foot-mask is olive oil. Olive oil is an antioxidant, high in fatty-acids, and makes for a great moisturizer. Olive oil is also known to assist in reversal of sun damage.


All About the Tools

This winter foot-mask recipe wouldn't be complete without the right products! For the pre-exfoliation stage, you're going to need the Intrinsics 12-ply Gauze Wipes. And for the mask removal, the Intrinsics X'Tra Thick Cotton Pad is the answer; durability and softness are what you truly need in this step.

We know what you're thinking, "How do I get my hands on these wonder products?" You may find them through your local distributor or through our friends at Price PRO! Find our Gauze Wipes here and our X'Tra Thick Cotton Pads here.

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