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Where Did Intrinsics Esthetic Wipes Go?

Lately, a popular question we've been asked is what happened to our Esthetic Wipes, which have always been a fan favorite. Have no fear; technically, they haven't gone anywhere at all. They just have a new look.

Whether you're a distributor, a salon owner, or an esthetician, you've probably noticed some packaging changes from us over the past year. This effort had a simple goal: to accommodate some small name changes, and to make it easier for our customers to differentiate between our products.

While we've offered you a simple graphic explaining the changes, here's an additional breakdown:

Intrinsics Esthetic Wipes Are Now Called Cotton Wipes

This was a small change, one where we just dropped the "esthetic" aspect of the name. The green packaging, here and elsewhere, indicates the use of our 100% Naturelle™ cotton, which creates a gently abrasive and absorbent wipe that's perfect for cleansing skin during facials or pre-wax treatment. The 4x4 versions are referred to as Large Cotton Wipes, while we call the 2x2 version Petite Cotton Wipes.

Blended Cotton Esthetic Wipes Are Now Called Silken Wipes

Similar to the previous product, our blended cotton Esthetic Wipes are now known as Silken Wipes. These medical-grade wipes offer moderate absorbency, but in a lint-free, non-woven design that makes them ideal for applying skin products during treatment. These products come in a red package, and are also available in Large (4x4) and Petite (2x2).

Cotton Naturelles Are Now Called Cotton Rounds

In addition to Esthetic Wipes another stand-out product recently underwent a subtle name change. Our quilted Cotton Rounds are tough, versatile, and cottony soft. They can be used during facials, or to remove makeup. Just like the Cotton Wipes, here the green packaging means you're using a product that consists of 100% Naturelle™ cotton.

Petite Cotton-Filled Gauze and Petite/Large 12-Ply Gauze

The only name change for our gauze products involves sizing. Just like with some of the products above, anything sized 2x2 takes on the moniker Petite, while anything 4x4 simply becomes Large. Our Petite Cotton-Filled Gauze and Petite/Large 12-Ply Gauze are spa and salon workhorses that fill a variety of needs. You'll know it's our gauze due to the bright blue packaging.

Still Have Product Questions?

Whenever you have questions about our products—be it about a name change or to request a sample—feel free to get in touch. We'll answer as quickly as we can, or shoot you a sample so you can see the Intrinsics difference for yourself.


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