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3 Waxing Products You Need This Summer

We want to ‘wax’ you a question…are you using the best waxing products in your salon?

Waxing is a process. And in order to achieve the perfect wax, each part of the process is vital! In the video below, Marcella Hardy shows an example of her waxing service using the following Intrinsics products for each step: Silken Wipes, Wax Strips, and Gentle Cleansing Towels.


Why Silken Wipes?

Marcella uses an Intrinsics Silken Wipe to apply powder to her client’s skin before waxing the area. This is to help with any irritation the wax may cause.









 Why Wax Strips?

Using a wax strip is a given, using an Intrinsics Wax Strip is the ultimate choice! These strips stretch, so they will not tear mid-pull, which helps the process run smoothly from start to finish. Our Wax Strips are also a whopping 3x9” inches, so they’re perfect for larger areas like legs and underarms but also can be cut to size for eyebrow or upper lip services.

Why Gentle Cleansing Towels?

We don’t call them gentle for nothing! These 100% hypoallergenic cotton wipes are soaked in soothing green tea, meaning your client’s skin is getting the most gentle treatment it possibly can while you’re wiping off any excess product. Not to mention our Gentle Cleansing Towels are residue free, so this truly can be a last step in your waxing service!



We understand that seeing is believing! So see the strength of the Intrinsics Wax Strips for yourself.


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