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User Spotlight: Traci Drury, Esthetician

Intrinsics is a longtime fan of Traci Drury, a freelance esthetician based out of Charlotte, NC (our home town, too!), so we decided to sit down with her to talk to her about herself, her relationship to Intrinsics, and more.

Traci shows off her glowing skin in this recent selfie!

Where are you located?  

Charlotte, NC.

What do you do for a living?  

I have two occupations which are an odd combination.  Monday through Friday I handle insurance claims. I’m also a licensed Esthetician who works as a freelancer/contractor doing facials.

Describe yourself in three words.

Patient, empathetic and intentional.


Who introduced you to Intrinsics?

My first Intrinsics were the 4x4’ Cotton Wipes received in my Esthetics kit at school, about 15 years ago.  Over the years I’ve tried other cotton for eye makeup removal but Intrinsics are always what I go back to for personal use and facials.

One of Traci’s go-to Intrinsics products are the Silken Wipes.

What’s your favorite Intrinsics product to use?

There are three - the 2x2” Silken Wipes, 2x2” Cotton Wipes and 4x4” Cotton Wipes.

What products do you like to use with Intrinsics?

There’s so many ways to use Intrinsics.  I use the 2x2” Cotton wipes with my Ocusoft eyelid cleaner and chemical peels, 2x2” Silken Wipes for toner

and eye makeup removal, and 4x4” Cotton Wipes are perfect for travel to use in place of wash cloths/flannels.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Intrinsics?

I love that Intrinsics is made in the U.S. but also how the history of the company goes back to Barnhardt Manufacturing which started in the Carolinas over 100 years ago.

Where do you buy most of your supplies? How do you generally buy them?

I try to do most of my shopping at brick and mortar stores to support jobs, but sometimes online shopping is more practical so it just depends on the product, what I have going on and my need at that moment.  Salon Centric is the closest beauty supply store and on occasion I order things from Amazon. Most of my cosmetics and skincare are from department stores or online.


What’s your favorite beauty trend right now?

I’m not a trend follower as far as makeup and fashion, but I do love to read about what’s new in skincare.  Two trends I have not tried but love the concepts are Microblading and Lash Extensions. Who doesn’t love a procedure that removes a step from your routine?

Which is more Instagramable: A #shelfie or a #flatlay?

I love a good #shelfie but a #flatlay is more eye catching for me.  Sometimes I enjoy looking at the details (of both), thinking about the choices and how the person took the time to plan, create and setup the layout.  A good #flatlay can be inspiring.

What are some beauty/skin care techniques you’d like to experiment with?

I’d like to try a natural lash lift.  I have Dry Eye Syndrome and sometimes my eyelashes break or fall out.  Ocusoft helps but adding another product to improve the growth and health of my lashes would be beneficial.


We had so much fun discussing skin care and Intrinsics with Traci! Make sure to visit her Instagram for more fabulous photos and reviews. And if you’re ever in need of a freelance esthetician, she’s your girl!

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