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This Summer’s Hottest Nail Trends

Since it's July, right smack dab in the middle of summer, it only makes sense to discuss some of the hot nail trends that are making the rounds. One of our favorite sites, Nail Art 101, does a great job of explaining the trends, along with do-it-yourself techniques to help you pull them off. (Of course, we mean pull off the look, not the nails themselves. Um, sorry.)

We chose three specific styles to discuss today: nail stamping, splatter nails, and gradient nails. We'll just touch on the looks and techniques, but use the handy links to learn more. In some cases Nail Art 101 even offers video tutorials.

Nail Stamping: What's fun about nail stamping is that you have a gazillion options to choose from (slight exaggeration) and you can score a starter kit on Amazon or Etsy. With an image plate, a stamper, and a scraper, you can create a variety of looks, ranging from animal prints to colorful patterns. The best part? You can do this yourself in seven easy steps.

Splatter Nails: If you don't mind making a mess and you're a fan of Jackson Pollack, then splatter nails are right up your alley. The technique is shockingly simple: choose a base color, dip a straw in another color, then blow. Repeat, with as many colors as you like. While there's certainly some cuticle clean-up involved, if you're willing to get your hands dirty you'll be rewarded with a unique look.

Gradient Nails: Another fabulous look that's surprisingly simple to handle on your own, gradient nails are another way to flash your unique sense of style (and they're one of Nail Art 101's favorite looks, too). All you have to do is start with a white base, add your color palette to a sponge, then dab the sponge on your nails. You can go all Rainbow Brite, or choose a more muted color scheme. Really, the choice is yours.

How We Might Be Able to Help

Obviously we offer nail care supplies, and they're not just for nail techs. From cotton balls to NTC, we definitely have some options for cleaning up some of these messier DIY nail projects we've discussed today. Ultimately, your goal should be to have fun and experiment with these looks. And once again, we have to give a shout-out to Nail Art 101 for the detailed info. If you're not interested in one of these three nail trends, we're willing to bet you can find one to suit your fancy on their comprehensive site.

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