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Sweet Summertime Nails


It’s time to get those fingers on point because summer is almost here. That means ditching the deep dark colors of fall and amping up the fun! We’ve been keeping an eye on the runways to find the trends that we think are going to be as hot as the temperatures. When it comes to 2016 summer colors, there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

Bright & Bold

If you want your nails to get noticed, consider opting for bright colors. Make a statement with a bold blue as seen below, but don’t be afraid to mix it up. We’re loving the rainbow manicure!

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Our friends at In the Gloss also has a wonderful round-up of The Best Neon Nail Polish if you’re looking for more options. Some of our favorites are below:

Nude & Neutral

If you tend to go a little bit longer between manicures than you should, a classic nude color might be your best friend. No one is going to a tiny chip here and there and these colors are great for lengthening your fingers.

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Shimmer & Shine

However you choose to shine is perfectly fine this season. Whether you choose to opt for a pearlescent color like top YSL Peace Green, gold flake your natural nails, or add silver stripes you really can’t go wrong.

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Other trending techniques we noticed include putting a twist on the classic French manicure and the matte nail.


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