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(Safe) Fun in the Sun With SPF!

With quarantines finally being lifted, we’re finally making our way into the sun and with that, we must be sure we’re using a sunscreen fit for us (and our skin type)! 

Important Steps

Before applying any sunscreen, make sure your face and body are free of make-up, perspiration, water (pool and salt), and other environmental elements. The easiest, and most effective, way to do this is to treat your skin to the softest and safety disposable cleansing towel in the world! We’re looking at you, Gentle Cleansing Towel! This 100% Pure Cotton disposable washcloth is infused with luscious botanicals that will completely cleanse your body prior to sunscreen application. The Intrinsics Gentle Cleansing Towel is hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for any skin type, and is made with love in the USA! 

For an extra clean, use Intrinsics 12-ply Gauze to gently exfoliate the skin before cleansing and applying sunscreen. 


What’s Your Type? 

Your skin type, as well as the key ingredients, should determine your choice of sunscreen; it should not just solely based on SPF. For example, those with rosacea and other types of similar skin conditions, may find that the sunlight and heat actually exasperate their inflammation. If you’re just using a high SPF with no specific remedial ingredients, like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, you are actually causing more inflammation and damage to your skin. So next time you’re in the aisle, ask your pharmacist if the sunscreen contains anti-inflammatory ingredients? You will be glad you did! 

Having a soothing ingredient, like eucalyptus, lemongrass or chamomile, added to your sunscreen--or in your after-sun cooling gel--will also help with any post-fun-in-the-sun! If your skin type tends to be on the more oily side, skip the essential oil and go for a sunscreen formulated especially for your skin type. 


Apply Smart

Customized sunscreen can be pricey, so you want to be sure you use the right tools to apply it, as not to waste any product. Since you’ll need to apply to a larger surface area, the Intrinsics team recommends using the 4x4” Silken Wipes for this process! Because Silken Wipes are specially designed for application, you will be rest assured that your product is being used to its fullest. 


So while you’re having fun in the summer sun this year, make sure you’re using the right products for the best results! With a sunscreen formula fit for your skin and tools to lead you to skin-success, you’re bound to have a great summer season indeed! 

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