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Product Highlight: Intrinsics Toe Rope

The Intrinsics Toe Rope: unique in size and shape, but unparalleled in strength and utility. Plus, they’re gentle on the Earth. How much better can it get? We’ll tell you!

Intrinsics Toe Rope is the perfect solution for any pedicure! Instead of uncomfortable and awkward foam toe dividers, it’s actually comfortable for the client and practical for you, since it can be tossed (guilt-free) after each use. 

A Perfect Fit

Because these aren’t your average plastic toe separators, you can actually cut the Toe Rope to fit any size foot. You can cut the rope into a smaller rope, of course, but you can also cut it into pieces for individual separation. It’s all about what fits you and your client the best! The Intrinsics Toe Rope also takes up minimal space when laid flat or sitting upright, making more room for fun polishes and accessories! 


Our Specialty 

Our specialty is cotton. With over 100 years of experience in purifying the finest, highest quality cotton found in the industry. All our cotton is produced without the use of any chlorine, making it a TCF (Totally Chlorine-Free) product. This not only creates the safest cotton without the risk of dioxins, but is much better for our environment! As a natural fiber, cotton is biodegradable and compostable, unlike oil-based synthetic fibers (such as polyester) that do not exist in nature. 


But we understand that seeing is believing, so we made a video to show off this fun product and how to use it: 


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