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Positive Feedback Continues To Come In For Pillowettes™

You know how we feel about our Pillowettes™. We’ve talked about them here, we’ve had promotions around them, and you’ve probably read our glowing description on the product page. So, just for a change of pace, it’s nice to hear kind words from elsewhere.

Take Deborah Schwerdt in Hermosa Beach, CA. She just opened Bionic Body this month, and she’s already a believer:

"I'm so excited about the Pillowettes™ because of the slipcase and there isn't anything else like it on the market. It’s perfect for eye makeup removal and gentle enough for skin with rosacea."

Deborah touches on one of the utilitarian features of Pillowettes™, which is the slipcase for fingers that provides maximum control. We know plenty of other professional spa and salon estheticians that also appreciate this feature.

Of course, Pillowettes™ have other features that make spa and salon professionals' lives easier, too. Kelley Killop-Marble, a nail technician, highlights some additional strengths:

“I am a solo nail technician at Opalized Designs Studio Salon in Shelby Township, MI. For three years—since the release of soak-off gels—I have diligently hunted for a true lint-free wipe for soak-off gel services. I have tried every possible wipe, paper towel, cloth and so on. Each left a trail of fuzzies that needed to be pulled, sifted, or coaxed out of the sticky layer or off a dehydrated nail plate. I ordered a sample of your Pillowettes and was able to purchase them on sale within a couple days at CosmoProf. I was amazed at their quality and true lint-free design. Pillowettes™ are my dream come true. No lint or long fibers left on the nail plate after my dehydration step, plus I am able to do nail art easier and in more detail because I don't have to fish fibers off nails. Thank you! And best of all I only use two per service due to the thickness and durability of Pillowettes™. You have a new customer in Opalized Designs Studio Salon.”

We love Kelley’s detailed response, and we also love that nail techs appreciate some of the features that make Pillowettes™ unique: that they’re truly lint-free, but durable as well. As we always say, using is believing. So if you want to follow in Kelley’s footsteps, you know the drill: request a sample today.

Hearing from our customers always makes our day—especially when it’s about how our products are helping them do their jobs more effectively. Always feel free to leave comments here, or shoot us a message on our Customer Service page. We promise we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Topics:   testimonials, Pillowettes, salon supplies, spa supplies, Our Products