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How to Organize Beauty Supplies

Whether you've opened up a new salon or spa, or just set up shop in one, you need to stock and organize your beauty supplies in a way that is attractive and functional. This is extremely important in the beauty business. People who walk through your doors will immediately judge your business on the visual appearance of your area. You could be the most brilliant stylist that ever lived, but if your work area or reception area is ugly, cluttered or dirty, you will lose potential clients.

Getting Organized In An Attractive Manner

When you use your supplies, you are often going at it one-handed. You are also using many objects and supplies in a sequence: first this, then that. When organizing your supplies, you want to be sure that they are stowed away and not sitting around, but you also want them within easy reach. Most of your supplies should not be over an arm's length from where you normally work, or you are going to waste a great deal of time.

Prioritize Your Beauty Supplies

Stand in your space and visualize yourself at work. What items do you need first and use most often? Those should be the easiest to reach. If they aren't suitable for the counter or work surface, then they should be stored in the top row of your cabinet or drawer space. Drawers are more practical than cabinets, because they are often easier to retrieve items from, and you don't have to move around as much to open and close them.

Place your least-used items furthest away from you. This is the logical way to do things. You will have a more organized space if you prioritize. If you are short on space, you will need to go vertical, and install shelves and cabinets on the walls to make the best use of space. The same rule applies here. The items you use most often should be easy to reach, with lesser used items higher up. You don't want to have to use a stepping stool or squat down to get frequently-used items!

Storage Within Storage

You don't want things floating around in drawers or shelves. They will get messy, dirty and difficult to find. You want to store small, loose items together. This includes items such as cotton pads and swabs, etc. These can be stored in lucite or glass containers. Be sure you can easily access them with one hand.

Finally, take your new storage system for a test drive to ensure that everything is where it should be. Have someone sit in the chair or on the table and go through the motions of getting your supplies. It's a good idea to do this with a friend or coworker, that way you'll see potential issues before you have an actual client. While it seems like a small thing, supply organization can make the difference in how your clients view you. Do they see you as organized and together? Neat and tidy? Someone who respects their time? Of course, this is what you want them to see you as, so be sure to keep your space tidy, attractive and organized.


Do you have any other tips on organizing your beauty supplies? Let us know in the comments!

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