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Nail Camp 2018

Here at Intrinsics, we are huge fans of Nail Camp.

Last year, we had a Q+A session with one of the Nail Camp founders, Jess Briarmoon, to talk over the details. At the end of the blog, Briarmoon hinted at the 2018 location and theme being a surprise. We were so excited when we found out Nail Camp was being held on a full-length cruise this year! Intrinsics was fortunate enough to interview Briarmoon again this year about the Nail Camp Cruise and all that it entailed. Enjoy!


What was different about this year’s nail camp versus previous years?

This year’s Nail Camp was a cruise! Nail camp since 2010 has taken place on a small island near Seattle. This year, we took to the high seas and did 5 days of classes while at sea before arriving in Hawaii and island hopping.   




The idea of a cruise is super fun. What made you all decide to embark on a cruise?

A few of us used to do the Vicki Peters Nail Those Profits at Sea cruise. We actually had done this exact cruise in 2013 and loved it so much. We decided it was time to do the cruise again.  This is really the ONLY cruise that has enough sea days to do the full Nail Camp program.


Where did you all cruise to? How long was it?

The cruise went from Vancouver, BC Canada to Oahu, Hawaii stopping in Maui, Kona and Kauai on the way. It was a full 10 days of cruising. The first 5 days were strictly at sea which allowed us class time each day from 9am-4pm every day.




Were there any competitions at this year’s Nail Camp?

We did have competitions!  We had our two classic competitions; “One hand, One Hour” and Mixed Media. The winner of One Hand One Hour was an excellent nail tech Elisabeth from Sweden. The winner of the Mixed Media was Felicia from Texas.


What did your Swag Bags include this year? What Intrinsics products were included in the Swag Bags?  

WOW our swag bags were amazing this year! They weighed a full 15 pounds for each attendee.  They included incredible products from over 35 companies! Intrinsics sent such a fantastic assortment of products for us! The catalogs are incredible and have small samples of so many of the products so you can see what you are shopping for. The lucky techs for the Nail Cruise were given Gel Nail Wipes, Nail Techs Choice and Toe Rope. The winner of the Raffle of a case of Table Towels chose to share the table towels with all the techs! We all were able to use the products right there in class, including the Toe Rope which was the star of the Rock Star Toes class!  Personally, I’m loving the Toe Rope in the salon and will have to make sure I get another box for when I run out.  


Why should nail technicians use Intrinsics?

Intrinsics are by far unique products for nail techs to use daily in the salon that are of incredible quality. There is nothing like toe rope, easy to use and not too much lint for clients.  Nail Techs choice is a wipe that has a smooth texture. The table towels are lint free! Intrinsics are pure, chemical-free cotton so we know our clients will be pleased with the use of the products.




What are some of the most popular nail trends right now? What trends do you see growing in 2019?

Right now the biggest trends are nails with different colors on each nail, and coffin shaped nails are the most trendy shape. I am starting to see some clients start wanting different shapes, either going into almond shape or back to traditional square.


What is next year’s Nail Camp theme? Where will it be taking place? And when?

Next year will come quickly!  The next Nail Camp is the launch of Nail Camp EAST which will take place just north of Atlanta, Georgia May 10-13, 2019.  Our theme is “NAIL THE FUTURE”! This is a fun back to the future theme and we will have posters and different theme inspired things at the event.  One of our Keynote Speakers, Amy Masters, will be doing a seminar on “Don’t let Obstacles hold you Back From Your Future.”

The nail techs on the east coast have been asking for a location near them for many years.  

After finally finding a fantastic location, we have the facility that will hold 150!  This will be the largest Nail Camp with new educators and lots of classes happening all weekend.  The Facility is also ALL Inclusive and your $575 will include lodging, meals and classes from Friday through Monday! There isn’t a better deal for education and building friendships in the industry than Nail Camp.

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