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NABBA Recap 2015

Last month, Sales & Marketing Director Dave Albers along with 155 barbers, barber shop owners, barber board members, cosmetologists, and barber school instructors –attended the National Association of Barber Boards of America (NABBA) 89th annual conference in Phoenix. Currently, 440,000 barbers work in 41,340 barber shops across the US, amounting to one barber for every 840 people in the country.

Our main purpose for attending the meeting was to support the barbers, stylists, school owners, and barber board members in fighting deregulation and educating the barbers on sanitation, especially when it comes to neck protection from a used cape. The mission and objectives of the meeting included:

  • Promote the exchange of information between state barber boards and the state agencies examining, licensing, and regulating the barber industry.
  • Develop standards and procedures for examining barbers, licensing, policing, and continuous education for barbers.
  • Develop and promote procedures for insuring that the consumer is informed and protected.

A hot topic at the barber convention this year was the push by legislators to allow deregulation in the Barber and Cosmetology fields. The legislators are calling for no licensing of barbers or cosmetologists, opening the door to inadequate hygiene and practices and the possible transfer of infectious diseases due to lack of training and regulation.

There is little doubt such a change would have a negative impact. Sanitation laws such as a barrier between the neck and the cape practiced in all 50 states would become obsolete.

Intrisics Debuts a New Neck Strip

We talked about a step up in enforcement and unveiled our new Intrinsics Neck Strip. The improved neck strip is softer, stronger, and now comes in a more sanitary package.

Current NABBA president Sam Barcelona told us, “I love the new neck strip, and so do my clients.” Another positive review came from past NABBA President Mike McBunch of Mississippi who said, “Your neck strips are strong, they don’t pop like the other brands, and they are made in the USA.”

At Intrinsics, we take great pride in providing only the best products for our customers. We are also happy to hear when industry professionals agree.


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