One of the newest trends in the beauty world is microblading.

A form of semi-permanent tattooing, microblading gives those with sparse eyebrows a fuller look. Although the idea of tattooing your face might sound extreme, microblading offers pleasing results as long as the esthetician is trained correctly and using the right supplies.

Here are the basic supplies you will need to begin microblading. And don’t forget clean up! Intrinsics 2x2 Cotton Wipes and Vinyl Gloves are essential to the microblading process.

Pen: Your microblading pen is what will hold the various types of blades. Make sure your pen has a good grip to ensure smooth strokes and easy handling.

microblading pen

Blades: There are a variety of blades that achieve different hair strokes. You want to have a good selection at hand to customize each client’s treatments, but there are two main types of blades you need be aware of:

  • Hard Blade: For bold strokes, a hard blade is best handled by an experienced microblader because ink tends to sink deeper into the skin with less pressure.
  • Classic Flexible Blade: This is ideal for all skin types, but work really well with thin or aged skin.  With this blade, you get softer strokes.

Pigment: As your client list grows, you’ll want to have a large enough assortment of colors to suit a variety of skin types.

With any salon or spa procedure, clean-up is always necessary, but those supplies are also incredibly important. You don’t want to compromise a top-notch job with stray lint or excess ink that wasn’t picked up.

Intrinsics Vinyl Gloves are powder free and latex free, making it ideal for clients with sensitive skin. They also come in four different sizes.

vinyl gloves

Intrinsics 2x2 Cotton Wipes are great for removing product due to their absorbent and gentle nature.

cotton wipes


Find both products on our website to assist you as you start your journey into microblading. Still interested in learning more about microblading? Check out this great video tutorial!


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