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Men’s Pedicures

Foot care for all! 


Just like women, men benefit from regular pedicures too. From people on their feet all day to those that work more sedentary jobs, getting pedicures is a great practice for every man. 

So what are some ways pedicures can benefit the Average Joe?

Prevent Hangnails and Other Nail Issues

Can you think of anything worse than a hangnail? We sure can’t! And we all know that sometimes trying to treat it at home can actually make matters worse. Nail technicians are trained in being able to remove hangnails the correct way without harming the nail bed any further, saving you from any discomfort or potential infection. 

Hassle-free Heels

Rough heels aren’t a good look for anyone! And even though winter is approaching, taking care of your feet is still a necessity and smooth heels are in year-round! During a typical pedicure service, the nail technician will use a tool called a pumice stone to soften calluses and cracked parts of the feet; they may also shave dead skin off of the bottoms of your feet with a proper file. Following up with moisturizer will help you achieve the best results. 

Adios Cuticles! 

Regular cuticle maintenance is the key to healthy-looking nails. Cuticles exist for a reason so it’s better not to overcut them; therefore, visiting a nail professional for this process is a good idea. Your technician will follow up with cuticle oil, which gives your nail beds a clean look. 


We say it all the time: self-care is for everybody! If you’re looking for a new form of self-care, visiting your local nail technician for regular pedicures could be your answer! Or if you’re a loved one of a man that could totally benefit from a pedi or two, this could be the perfect gift! 


Do you get regular pedicures? If so, we’d love to hear from you

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