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May Promotions: It’s Never Too Late To Look Good

Spring fever is officially in full swing. While we’re all vain, with the big beach trip looming, all those New Year’s resolutions start to kick in for real. We exercise more, we eat better, and we head to the salon.

Of course, keep in mind that in prepping for bikini weather, sometimes you can’t wait until the last minute or disaster may strike:

So our hope is that folks will really buckle down, be it hitting the gym, going all paleo, or even daring the spray tan booth. Of course, the smartest folks have held fast to those resolutions, so they’re feeling smarter and less stressed as they stare in their full-length mirrors right about now.

Either way, our professional spa and salon partners benefit from last-minute acts of self-improvement, which is why we once again stand ready to offer up our May promotions. This month we’re highlighting our Nail Tech’s Choice, Large Cotton 12-Ply Gauze, and 25-count Gentle Cleansing Towels. As the bold and the almost-beautiful storm your gates, we’re hoping the ability to stock up serves you well.

Professional spa and salon owners should keep in mind that if you ever want any additional 411 on our products, you can download our comprehensive resource book. That will tell you everything you need to know about the Intrinsics line, providing you with the beauty arsenal you need for the forthcoming client summer assault.

Topics:   spa and salon supplies, Promotions, May promos