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June Promotions: Wax On, Wax Off

Look we’ve been trying to tell you what time it is. Over the past two months, we’ve tried to prep you for bikini season. Well, it’s officially here.

That means it’s definitely time to get your wax on:

Of course, Daniel-san was just getting ready for the All-Valley Karate Championship. But facing down Johnny and the boys from Cobra Kai is a cakewalk compared to the waxing table. But as they say: no pain, no gain. For great bikini lines, sacrifices must be made. Perhaps you recall our horrific video example from last year.

For that reason, our June promotions are waxcentric for professional spa and salon clients that have procrastinated until the last minute. Our Petite Silken Wipes and Waxing Rolls lead the way, and we’re throwing in our Toe Rope so estheticians can spruce up your nails, too.

Our Waxing Rolls are made of a pellon material that doesn’t stretch or tear, which ensures a precise and clean waxing service. Our Petite Silken Wipes are used to apply cooling gels and creams after waxing services. Obviously, they’re a waxing match made in heaven. They bring this post together, too: wax on (rolls), wax off (wipes).

In closing, there are really three critical takeaways from this post:

  1. We want to help you and your clients look good in bikinis.
  2. Our products allow #1 to actually happen.
  3. Never take a crane kick to the face.

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